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Welcome to my first blog:

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Where to Start: Graham Holmes Photography's First Blog!

Landscape Photography - Seascapes - Travel Ideas - How to's - Camping

So where do you start? I have read a few articles but in the end I guess you just plunge in. While I want this blog to be helpful, and hopefully interesting (that bit is up to you to judge), I really want to share my journey as a photographer and my journey to get better, explore new places and generally share my experiences. Of course I would love to hear your input and ideas of what you might like to see.

First a little bit about me:

I grew up in the Uk and relocated to California in 2004. Drawn to the variety, beauty and vastness of the country, I started to explore more and more. One of my first "wow" moments came early on when I visited Yosemite National Park. My mind was blown and I needed to return at every opportunity. I was well and truly bitten by the travel bug.

My photography journey started later (I wish I had started a long time ago). I had the bug, but had no idea where to start. To be honest I found a camera a little daunting. I wondered whether I would have enough patience to learn.

Well the one thing I can say to anyone in the same situation is to stick with it. I will share how I managed to overcome my fear and doubt in the next blog. What I did find is that the more I learned the easier it got and I started to believe I could do it.

Even though I do suffer occasionally with imposter syndrome, I am really happy with the direction I am taking and the results I am getting. Being creative has been really cathartic.

Anyway enough about me.

Whats Next!

I will be sharing more about my journey and how I got started in the next blog so please sign up to be notified when the next one becomes available. And then more on trips, locations, camping, landscape photography, travel tips and how to's .

Until Next Time.

Just to leave you with a quick thought "If I can You Can". I mean this with all sincerity. We all have that itch to do something and fear not being able to. I am exactly the same. So give it a try and if you want, I will be there to help.

Thanks for reading - Get Creative


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